Mistakes to avoid when choosing conference venues

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It is true that venue sets the whole mood of the event and it can make or break the success of event. With so many Dubai conference venues emerging up it becomes difficult to know which one would be the right one for your event. The internet is full of such articles which will share you tips on how to find the right venue and while you may focus on all of them, you may forget about the mistakes that you make along the way. Don’t worry here we have highlighted those mistakes to alert you about them:

  • Ignoring the lighting

Most of the events take place during the day and may continue till late at night which means that natural and artificial, both sources of light can be used in such timing. When you first visit the venue, always keep in mind the lighting and how the natural light can be used. If you are considering artificial lighting, then you should definitely ask them to show you lighting. A dimly lit space is not going to suffice when the conference will require taking notes by the attendees. Similarly, if the area is large it becomes harder to light it up so consider both aspects.

  • Don’t ignore the location

Whilst choosing your venue you may look around for the facilities that it has and area and construction of it but most of time you will forget to look for the location. At times people believe that location which they are choosing is right but they forget to consider their audience and where they are coming from. If your attendees are staying at a hotel across the city, then it is going to be inconvenient for them to travel across the city by dodging the traffic. Consider all the things and then make your decision about the location of the venue.

  • Forgetting bathrooms

Nothing leaves a bad impression as a line of people waiting for a bathroom to free up leaves. When you are looking around for the location and venue look around for bathrooms as well and see if it is going to suffice for the number of attendees. Never ignore the importance of bathrooms as people may end up leaving the conference in the middle when they cant control it anymore, we are sure you wouldn’t want that happening.

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