Common Concierge mistakes

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Concierge mistakes are often overlooked but they can make or break the image of a hotel which is precious for every hotel because one single customer leads to the chain of other guests who would inform others. These concierge services company in Dubai mistakes can be easily solved if you are aware of what they are so here are we will point out some mistakes to help you with it.

  • Right use of cultural address

It happens many times that a concierge addresses their foreign customers with a familiar hello in their language and try to come up with more cultural words to make them feel at home. What can go wrong in this is the use of this cultural address at the wrong moment at the wrong place which can make things awkward with each other. What you can do to solve this mistake is do proper research before hand and if you are not able to understand then better refrain from it.

  • Body language

It is common for guests to be a little anxious when they first travel around to different places because everyone afraid of the kind of response that they will be greeted with. In such cases it is necessary that you help them relax and ease out the tension with your body language. A simple eye contact, a friendly smile, and a firm handshake can do many things. Always remember to be friendly with the customers and share your response so that they know you are always there.

  • Self-awareness

One of the most important roles that you play as a concierge is handling the information. You may know personal things about your client which they wouldn’t like to be disclosed in the open. Often things can slip out of tongue or an unknown gesture can make the customers feel like they are being watched. Try to avoid such things and if you know something then keep it to yourself instead of spreading it around with your colleagues or community management in Dubai when not necessary. This way you can build your guests’ trust and they will know their information is safe with you.

These are the top 3 major mistakes that most people make. If you are aware of what is wrong you can also find the solution to it.

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