Wedding traditions and superstitions around the world

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When people get married and different people around them tell them different things to do in order to get a good married life or to ward off bad omens. People tell weird things to do and even though we live in the 21st century, but there are many people who still believe in old folk superstitions and traditions that people follow. But this one will make you laugh and leave you shocked to think that there are some Greek people who still believe that if a bride puts a cube of sugar in her glove, that will magically sweeten the union of the couple.

Talking about good luck and spiders, there is nothing that a spider can do to protect a marriage, but the old English people believed that if a woman wears a wedding dress and if she founds a spider web in it, it will mean that she will have a perfect married life. People have even set some specified days of the week where people must marry. Like most people would marry on Wednesday because it is considered the best day to marry, if someone marries on Monday, it is said that the couple will be wealthy and if they marry on Tuesday, the couple will stay heathy. And the same people think that Saturday is the unluckiest day to get marry.

You must have seen many movies where the groom picks up the bride as they are wedded or when she is about to enter the home. This was actually not a romantic gesture but this was done in order to protect the newly wedded wife from evil lurking below the ground. If you were to go to India to attend a Hindu wedding and if it rained, you will feel devasted but the Hindus will actually enjoy it and get happy because they think that if it rained during the wedding, it is considered a good luck. But there are some irritating ways of getting good luck and the weird thing that Egyptians pinch their bride on her wedding day just for good luck. But there are some beautiful traditions as well, like Eastern women put henna on their hands to protect themselves from any evil eye. You can have grand wedding venues in Abu Dhabi and in business center in Abu Dhabi too.

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