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According to the best facial clinic in Dubai, vitamin D comes from the sun and since we cannot go outside more often as before, it is suggested that people should add facial in their skin care routine. Skin is the only organ that bears all the harsh weathers and the damages so that the internal organs stay fit and just. This clearly means that our skin does a lot of work and it needs to be treated well.

Since the 80% of our skin is covered with clothes and skin arms to hands and face is mainly exposed and it is very sensitive as well. There are lots of skin facials from cheap to the world’s most expensive ones which also include eyelash extension in Dubai and much more. Facial does not have to be expensive to be effective, it can be done with products available in your home and even in the fridge. But that is a discussion for another topic and below, you will read some tips about facial for making it more effective without spending much money.

Use a Cleanser for Your Skin Type: the first mistake we do while selecting a cleanser that we select it randomly. And that is a bad choice for your skin. You should ask a dermatologist or a skin specialist about the kind of cleanser that is suitable for your skin.

Never Use Too Many Products: using different products on your skin can prove to be dangerous. Because our skin takes time to get used to a product and using too many can damage your skin even for good. Sometimes, the effects can be irreversible.

Moisture Day and Night: this goes for people who either have dry skin or who live in a cold place. Dry skin can cause pain and moisturizing the skin will also make your skin healthy and your skin will glow as well.

Do Not Touch Your Face: although, it is recommended by the health experts that coronavirus transfers in our lungs if we touch our face like eyes, nose and mouth. But other than coronavirus, it is recommended by dermatologists that if your hands are dirty, then again, prevent from touching the face.

Stay Hydrated: drinking water is good for skin and it has been proven many times. If you have acne problem or any other kind of issue, make sure to drink as much water as you can.

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