Listening to one’s body

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Individuals should pay a great deal of attention on their bodies. Should their knee movements be hampered, it is recommended to a pay a visit to a well known knee pain doctor who also offers the best services when it comes to stem cell therapy throughout Dubai.

Importance of healthy knees: A professional tennis player can have two kinds of knee injuries. Possibly the player had weak knees from childhood years, made it to the professional tour due to being blessed in other components of their game for instance have a strong upper core. Top tennis players who have been on tour for years, develop knee pains over time keeping in mind the intensity they play at such a high level. There are other factors that contribute in damaging the knees for instance the player’s game style takes a toll on their knees, by the time they try to make certain adjustments to their games it is too late. Great players can distinguish themselves from average players by realizing they need to use their muscles wisely in order to save their knees. Then there are unfortunate cases of being wrong footed and the player ends up falling on their knee/knees and fracturing it in the process.

Going through various tests and screenings: A tennis player should not only consult with their knee doctor but rather listen to multiple opinions from a team of specialists in the form of knee doctors, orthopedics and physiotherapists. Before going to a primary care doctor, it is recommended that the player should first consult with an orthopedic and physiotherapist since both have commonalities between them. Both of them will question the player and conduct various screenings and examinations on the player. Upon finding the results and the player not benefitting from physiotherapy sessions, it is an indicator that cells in the injured knee are damaged. From then the player is referred to a knee doctor who will carry out stem cell therapies. Post treatment the player would have new tissues replacing the damaged/weaker cells but that does not allow them to step right away on a tennis court.

A long road to recovery: The whole process of ending up with a knee injury, getting it treated and lastly spending time off the courts can take negatively affect the player’s mental state of mind. It is of great importance that the player should have a great support system from close family, friends and also attend sessions with a psychologist/psychiatrist.

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