Facts about Dubai Creek harbor

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We have all known the wonders of Burj Khalifa and there is no doubt that there isn’t going to be another one of it. What we are here to discuss is another one of the amazingness which Dubai has come up with that is creek harbor. You must be skeptical to know about apartments for sale in Dubai creek harbor look like and what’s the tea behind homes for sale in Arabian ranches so let’s find some interesting facts about it:

  • The foundations were groundbreaking

No we don’t literally mean that its foundation was groundbreaking in fact it was the opposite, the foundations laid out for The Tower Dubai was sturdy enough to hold 36,000 tons of weight on it with a groundbreaking number of 140 barrette piles which is the highest number of weight recorded over a single pile ever. Sit tight because this is just the beginning.

  • Minaret inspired by lily flower

Minaret refers to the Muslim’s call for prayer which is announced from a high tower as an important symbol of Islamic culture. Dubai creek plans on unveiling minaret inspired by lily flower as its bases would be attached to the ground the same way as a lily flower opens its petals. The skyscraper is set to be the beauteous minaret which you will ever see.

  • His highness has chosen the design himself

The idea of creek harbor emerged from an international designing competition where top architects from all over the world gathered for a competition in order to design the creek harbor tower. The winning design was chosen by UAE’s vice president and Prime minister his highness Sheikh Muhammad bin Rashid Al Maktoum. It was then decided for the design to turn into a real-life structure.

  • Eye catching view of downtown Dubai

As you must have guessed that Eifel tower is just the older sibling of creek harbor tower which is why we all can expect a breathtaking view of downtown Dubai. It gets better. The fact that creek harbor is situated just ten minutes’ drive from Dubai international airport this makes it even more appealing because now the visitors won’t have to travel across the city just to view the marvel. It is said to be the home to pink flamingos and many other species of birds.

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