Facts about Ballet

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Beside attending dance classes in Dubai for adults, you can learn ballet as well!

Read below some of the interesting facts about ballet!

  1. The shoes of ballet were called Tutu. The first tutu was made in 1832 by Eugene Lami.
  2. Ballet was originated in Italy in 15th century during Renaissance time when dancer used to perform it in courts beside operas. The dancers used to wear simple costumes and had to move their bodies in simple styles.
  3. Ballet is the toughest type of dance. A dancer is required to have as much energy as it is required to play two football matches or to run 28.9 km.
  4. Leotard is active wear or gymwear which is worn by ballet dancers. It was named after Jules Léotard. Jules Leotard was expert in acrobatics and aerialist in France who originated Trapeze and made the wear.
  5. Tutus could make the audience of ballet 60 percent happy when they see firstly in the show. 
  6. Male ballet dancers are stronger than female ballet dancer. Majority of them lift so many ballerinas that weighed almost one and half ton collectively and it is equal to carry a car.
  7. Police officers take classes of ballet in Romania to learn to fulfill their duties with more concentration and grace. 
  8. Although there are female ballet dancer more than men, the males were the first ballet dancer when it was originated. Women started to perform ballet after 1681. Therefore, the males ruled the field before the 1680s. They used to wear wig and girly clothes to play the role females in dance at times.
  9. King Louis XIV was also a ballet dancer. He used to perform several roles in a single performance. The man used to attend different performances as audience actively.
  10. Pierina Legnani was the first ballet dancer to receive Prima Ballerina Assoluta. Prima Ballerina Assoluta is the hisgest award in ballet which is awarded to the esteemed and graceful ballets who ia appreciated the most for her skills.
  11. Le Ballet Comique de la Reine was the first full-scale ballet performed in Paris in 1581. It was arranged by Catherine de’ Medici, the queen of France, on the occasion of the wedding of her sister.
  12. There are five ranks in ballet: apprentice, corps de ballet, demi-soloist, soloist and principal dancer.

So, these are 12 main facts about ballet. If you love ballet, then go to YouTube and learn some steps. You can join dance school as well to learn it as there are many dance schools that have ballet and salsa dance classes in Dubai.

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