Facts about chartered accountants

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If you think that a chartered accountant is an old man wearing a double-breasted suit with a cigar in his mouth and has all the gangster looks you are afraid of then you are wrong. It is because a chartered accountant is not what we perceive about them whenever we overhear the term, chartered accountancy, the first thing we do is to prepare a sketch in our minds regarding the person who is a chartered accountant and we do the same as I have mentioned above in the introductory lines of the article. Chartered accounts can also provide Dubai VAT consultancy services.

However, a chartered accountant is a fresh, loving, and energetic person that you are as yourself, the only reason a person has opted towards the field of chartered accountancy is that they are fond of it and want to learn more about accounting and finance. Therefore, if you think that a chartered accountant is not what I have described in the second paragraph of the article then you must consider these fun and amazing facts about a chartered accountant that I am going to discuss in the section below:

  1. You chew bubblegum, right? But do you know what is the origin behind the manufacturing the bubblegum or who is the inventor of the bubblegum? Well, it was an accountant! Yes, you read that right. The accountant named Walter Diemar manufactured the first bubblegum in 1928, he had a bright pink color in his hand and he used it as the color of the bubblegum. To get daily updates for CA jobs, click here for more info.
  2. Al Capone is the crime boss of Chicago that ruled the state for a long time with his mastermind, although it was accountants who brought down Al Capone because of the tax evasions he was doing and yet people thought that he was arrested for the murders and bootlegging in which he was involved indirectly or directly.
  3. There is only one English word that has a set of three repetitive letters and that is bookkeeping. As you can see that the word ‘o’ is repeating two times, the word ‘k’ is also repeating two times, and the word ‘e’ is repeating two times. It is a term used for an accountant that keeps the records of all the financial infrastructure of a company or a firm he is working with.
  4. Luca Pacioli is the Italian mathematician and the father of accounting. He is the first person who published the book on double-entry accounting back in 1494, guess who was one of his students? Leonardo Da Vinci.

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