How to become an interior designer consultant in Dubai

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If you are interior designer and you know about designing of homes and you think that you can better guide other persons about interior designing then you can start your consultancy company of interior designing. There are many companies in Dubai which are working as office interior design companies in Dubai. You can also find office interior designer Abu Dhabi. So if are certified interior designer then you must utilize your skills and you must start your consultancy company. So here is complete guide for you by which you can start your own interior design consultancy company.

Know about your budget:

Budget is the most important thing before starting business. Because all of your planning will depend on your budget. Your budget will define your location and it will also help you to define your marketing strategy. It means that it is the basic and essential step to start your business.

Make your business plan:

Then you should make complete business plan. You must include each step of your business strategy in your business plan. You must include your location, initial steps of your business, financial back up plan and your marketing strategy.

Decide your medium to sell your services:

Then you should decide your medium to sell your services. You must know that either you want to start your office in some physical place or you want to start online company. If you are going to start online company then you must get website to run your company.

Set up your office:

If you have decided to purchase land for your company then you should start hunt to find land for your company immediately and then you should start construction of your office.

Choose name for your company:

Then you should choose name for your company. You must choose unique name for your company so that more customers may attract towards your company. You must also get logo of your company because it will add value to the name of your company.

Apply for registration of your company:

Then you should start registration of your company. There will be long documentation requirements for the registration of company. So if you don’t have idea then you can also get information from internet.

Hire staff for your company:

Then you should hire staff for your company. But you must hire experienced staff with customers in better way.

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