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Whirlpool Washers & Dryers Review

Whirlpool washers are currently the biggest washing machine name in America and there is no sign of decline. The company is also the leading manufacturer of major home appliances, such as ovens, stoves, microwaves, Whirlpool water cooler dispensers, etc.. Over the years, it has manufactured numerous Whirpool products with the perfect blend of technology and ergonomics.

Whirlpool is dedicated to manufacture products that are dependable, and this is one of the core features of its sustenance in this industry. Continuous improvements are ensured so as to meet paramount quality standards.

Whirlpool Brand Development

Started in 1911 by Lou Upton, as Upton Machine Company, it was later renamed to Whirlpool Corporation in 1949. Ever since, the company has maintained strong business ethics and has diversified in other areas. Its product line includes micro-wave ovens, mixers, Whirlpool washer and dryers, combos, refrigerators, dishwashers, central Air Conditioning etc.

The company has grown almost exponentially since then, taking partnership with Sears and acquiring other brands in the industry, including the big Kitchen Aid and Kenmore Washing Machine brand names.

Why Buy Whirlpool Washers - Features and Advantages

Whirlpool washing machine is a good buy for bargain hunters. Apart from that it has features that offer you with enhanced washing technology which further cleanses your laundry while still not producing negative side effects on the fabric, especially those delicate varieties such as cotton voile and muslins.

One of those common features is their unique sixth sense technology that optimizes the washing loads by automatically calculating necessary amount of waster, temperature and detergents to use for a cleaning cycle. It achieves this by using the built-in sensors to monitor and measure the size of cloth load and adjust the system to correspond accordingly to get the best washing results with minimal use of energy resources.

Whirlpool washers have a range of more than dozen fine products that includes Energy Star rating washing machines (models that passed federal standards in term of water and electric energy efficiently). There are two types of washing systems in their product line:

  • Duet High Efficiency Fabric Care System
  • Cabrio Fabric Care System

While former is front loading, the latter is Whirlpool top load washers system. Barring a few models all others bear Energy Star symbol and their price range within $550 - $1400. These models rarely need repairs and most of the owners can use them effectively without any problem for 10 years or more.

The base models don't have features like temperature control or bleach dispenser. If you pay more, then you will get these features and the systems will last longer.

Here is a rundown on product line of Whirlpool washers:

Front Load Whirlpool Washing Machines

The front loading washing machines are the most common amongst home users. For this reason they are cheaper. The front loaders fit extremely well in the kitchens because of their narrower facets. They don't have agitators but they clean clothes by tumbling them for a long time in a mixture of water and detergent. As water requirement is less, they use less energy per load. Additionally, their spin speed is faster as compared to top loading washers, which helps in extra removal of water.

whirlpool front load washer

As a rule look for those models which allow 5-10 minutes at the commencement of the cycle to add or remove clothes.

Whirlpool front load washing machines can hold up to 12-20 pounds of load in each cycle. They require a detergent which is specifically made for them - a low concentration wash detergent that will not lather and come out of the system. Such detergents are available amply in the retail shops carrying an HE logo.

Front loading systems have features like detergent dispenser, fabric bleach and fabric softener. All you have to do is pour each of these (if required into their respective compartments and start the wash cycle. Since the washing machines are controlled by logic, products are drawn inside at right intervals.

Whirlpool front load washers are more expensive than top loading machines, but their maintenance is really low and they conserve electricity and water.

Top Load Whirlpool Washing Machines

The company has a wide array of top loading washers. The basic model doesn't come with features like temperature control etc, but offers a clean wash. As the price increases, other Whirlpool top loaders come with functions varying from temperature selection to variable spin speeds.

whirlpool top load washer

Even though top loaders are less expensive, their overall running cost is higher. Whirpool uses the technology Whirlpool Calypso wash plate in its top load washing machines that aids in movement of clothes via a shower of detergent and water for thorough cleaning.

Because of wash plate, agitator (which is normally seen in top load washers), is out, thereby giving more space to wash heavy items like rugs, duvets, pillow cases, bed covers, furniture fabric and other comforters.

Standard capacity of top loading washing machines varies from 12-16 pounds. But Calypso model can hold up to 18 pounds of load.

Conclusion on Whirlpool Washer Models

Overall, if you are looking for economical solutions, opt for Whirlpool. But, look for some factors like speed options, washer temperatures, water settings, noiselessness, and dispenser system.

Many Whirlpool's customers have enjoyed their products for a long time now, thanks to company's innovative technology, progressive improvement and fast response to ever growing consumer demand.

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Updated January 2011