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How to Remove Washing Machine Smell

To quickly and effectively get rid of unwanted washing machine smell, its is crucial that you first learn how to identify and spot the possible causes of bad odor and why there are mildew smells. Not in all cases the smelly washing machine comes from mildew or mold, even though bacteria and build up grease are still the number one causes of weird rotting smells around door gaskets or water hoses.

Preventing Bad Moldy Washing Machine Smells

While many modern washers, especially front load washing machines offer energy efficiency saving wash cycles at low temperatures (even below 90 degrees Fahrenheit), this is not recommended.

Cleaning clothes at such low water temperature does not completely kill all the bacteria that not only create musty moldy washing machine odor, but they all rot your washer machine inside out over time.

So to effectively save on energy and water usage, while keeping your machine free of bad smells, you should do the laundry with water temperatures of ideally 120 degrees Fahrenheit or higher, with shorter time washing cycles.

Another practice that brings very good result is to regularly run service maintenance wash without any clothing. This is particularly true if you often use organic washing machine detergents which contain very low or no bleach at all.

While mild liquid detergents that preserve colors of fabric may be favorite choices of many families, they have their downsides. That is eco detergents are not as good at killing bacteria and removing grease from fibers of fabric, especially on dirty sportswear, which contain lots of human sweat.

Running service wash should be carried out without any laundry, and preferably with bleach concentrated washer detergents or dissolved soda crystals, on hot wash (almost boil temperature), to kill off mildew or bacteria causing black mould and grease.

Also, when doing your regular laundry, don't forget to remove the clothes as soon as the washing cycle is finished. This way you can keep the machine dry and reduce moisture inside the drum which promote bacteria growth and create those musty washing machine smells.

How to Get Rid of Mold Smell Fast

Traditional Mildew Smell Removal Methods:

  • Sometimes just running maintenance wash is not enough. In this case aggressive techniques like filling the soap dispenser compartment with distilled white vinegar while setting the machine on hot wash has been known to totally eliminate unpleasant washing machine odors.
  • 100% White vinegar is also a safe method to get out diesel smell from gas fueled top loader washing machine and dryers.
  • After finished wash, leave the door seal open for some time to allow the drum to dry. Black mold, mildew or bacteria needs moisture to grow and multiply, so keeping the laundry environment dry is the key to preventing unwanted smells.

Similar Technique to Eliminate Washing Machine Smell:

  • Dissolve and mix 1 part of baking soda to 2 parts of vinegar (or lemon) to make up around three cups if liquid detergent when combined. Set the machine on boiling hot wash temperature and slowly add the mixture of soda-vinegar as the water level increases.
  • Wipe out any residue as they break and rub off from the washing machine.
  • When the cycle is finished, turn the washer on another cycle without any clothes, but tis time on cold water.

Indirect Causes: Clogged Waste in Drain Water Pump:

  • Sewer smell or stale smell can come from other places nearby the washing machine, like the drain hose. In this case installing an appropriate water filtration system is the most simple way to remove the terrible smell fast and completely.
  • The drain water pipe may also cause blockage or waste water and thus create stagnant lint, dirt or other smelly waste from each wash load. This problem may create very unpleasant odors that smell like outside sewage drain in your kitchen, especially when the kitchen door is close and you just enter the room.
  • Solution: upgrading to wider pipe line may solve the problem. In some cases the blocked dirt may sink or build up around the U-shape trap part of the pump - in this case its best to use a hand snake or closet auger to completely clean the clogged waste.

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