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Washer Dryer Reviews & Ratings of Less Known Brands

On this page you will find washer dryer reviews of less popular washing machine and dryers brands. While these makes have not yet become famous amongst household names, nonetheless, they rival major laundry appliances in quality, technology, price, look and durability.

Many times, the age and level of establishment are the only weaknesses of these less well known washers and dryers manufacturers. So if you research thoroughly, you might find some good bargain deals by opting in for less established washer machine brands.

Reviews of Small Laundry Appliance Brands

Fisher Paykel Washer - Top Load Washing Machines with Intelligent Electronics

The Fisher Paykel washing machines adapt Intelligent Electronics to their top loaders with flexible agitator fins for gentle fabric care. Fisher Paykel spare parts are easy...

Speed Queen Washers - The Commercial Washing Machines for Tough Laundry Jobs
The commercial Imperial Speed Queen washing machine is designed for tough washes under high speed of 300 G-force. For home owners, top loading Speed Queen washer is the solution for large bed spreads, curtains...

Speed Queen Dryers - Coin Operated Laundromat Equipment
Speed Queen is known for commercial coin operated Laundromat equipments. You can buy single or gas Speed Queen stacked dryers with bulk load over 10.0 cu. ft. (up to 14.0 cu.ft.) with dual cylinders.

Roper Dryer Reviews: Gas and Electric Models
Roper dryers come in two types; gas and electric dryers. Popular models include: REX4634KQ, RES7646KQ, REX3614KW, RGX4634KQ, RGS7646KQ, REK2950W, RGK2951W, REX5635E and RGS7745PQ.

UK Washing Machines

This sections is dedicated to reviewing washers and dryers made specifically for UK and Ireland markets. they can be found in the US, but are not as popular.

Ariston Washer - Ariston Appliances are now Part of Hotpoint
If space is a big problem, then Ariston washing machine is a good alternative to your home laundry needs. Ariston offers efficient compact design and quite operation.

AEG Washing Machine The Electrolux Kitchen Appliances
The AEG Electrolux washing machines like AEG Lavamat have intelligent features such as: Weight Sensor, Fuzzy Load Mixing Logic and Aqua Control for higher water pressure and better cleaning results.

bendix-review Bendix Washing Machine - Simply Lowest Prices in the UK Market
Bendix is a cheap - low price - budget washer appliance which is simple yet appealing to the common mass consumer market. Tricity Bendix Washing Machines have sleek look, large portholes...

miele-review Miele Washing Machines - Top Quality and Long Lasting, but Expensive
Miele speaks of quality, but they are expensive washing machines. Made in Germany, Miele washer dryer is known to have fewer breakdowns, lasts for many years...

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Updated January 2011