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Washer Dryer Combinations

Washer dryer combination is a washing machine and clothes dryer all combined into one cleaning unit. The washing machines were modified and adapted due to space crunch in small urban properties, which had less space to keep separate washer and dryers. Today, combination machines have become increasingly popular in Europe, America and Asia as people become more energy-conscious.

The important feature about them is that they don't need an external air vent. Apart from that a combination of dryers and washers allow the users to wash and dry the clothes without having to break the cycle, which helps in saving lots of time and efforts.

You can also find a washer dryer combo that is portable and can be directly attached to the water outlet and inlet of your sink instead of requiring a separate water line. They only need 110 volt / 20 amp circuit. Plumbing requirements are that of a dishwasher.

washer dryer combination

Also referred to as all in one washer dryer, it covers all the aspects of basic laundry requirements.

Even though it is a combination of a washing machine and a dryer, it measures the same in size as regular washing machines. It can be installed at any place that has access to 110 volt electrical supply. The popular locations include kitchens, bathrooms or closets.

You don't have to install washer dryer combinations near an exterior wall as they don't require ductwork or holes in your walls, since they already are vent less.

A typical unit consumes little energy, between 1.3 KW - 1.7 KW, depending on its usage and load.

Why Use a Washer Dryer Combo?

Using all in one washer dryer helps in reducing water consumption. They use half as much water compared to their traditional counterparts.

They don't have any effect on building infrastructure as their electricity and water consumption is low. However, older buildings may have to modify a bit.

They are designed to handle various types of garments like silk, wool, cotton, heavy loads including bedspreads and duvets, and towels. They have several functions including temperature control and load settings.

Features of Washing Dryer Combinations

  • These two in one cleaning machines are mostly front loading. This is because they are easier to use and more energy efficient. The top loading designs are less popular as they do not ‘rock' the clothes as vigorously as the front loading ones do.
  • Condensation Based Systems: Condensing dryers use cool water condensers. They help in removing moisture from the air present in drum. The warm air that leaves the drum is circulated in a plastic chamber, and there it comes in contact with cool water. This contact results in condensation of moisture present in air, into small water droplets, which fall at the bottom of the condensing chamber and is pumped out through the regular water pipe. The warm and dry air is driven back to the drum to aid in removing more water from the wet clothes.
  • Even though the washer dryer combo is compact in size, it can handle standard loads.
  • Automatic sensors and systems in the combination units to automate washing cycle. The sensors monitor speed, noise, load etc.

Popular Washer Dryer Combination Models

There are many models available in the market, and some of them include brands like LG, Kenmore, Haier, Ariston and Whirlpool.


This washing machine is of stainless steel with 2.44 Cu Ft capacity. It has a highly reliable motor that is noiseless. It's 1400 RPM Maximum Spin Speed makes it an ultimate laundry machine.

It utilizes very less power and requires 115 volt power source. This washer dryer combination is 24” after installation. It is available in titanium and white colors. It has a chrome trimmed door with a clear glass.

Whirlpool - WGT3300SQ

This washing dryer combination is a perfect solution for small spaces. It provides a high performance wash and includes 8 automatic cycles with 4 temperature options.

It has 4 water level selections, fabric softener dispenser, bleach dispenser and a self cleaning lint filter. The washer has 2.6 Cu. Ft capacity wash basket.

Dryer's capacity is 5.9 Cu. Ft and comes with automatic dry control. There are 3 temperature selections, side swing door and 4-way venting option.

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