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If you currently are struggling through with an old washer and dryers you realize how important it is to have quality cleaning equipment in your house. Finding the right washing machine or dryer will take some research, both on the internet and in store. However, if you can find a brand that you trust, half of the battle is over.

When making any large appliance purchase, it is best to go with a brand that not only produces quality products, but is also willing to back its work with a warranty and service guarantee. You do pay a little extra for the brand name, but over the years the service guarantee should more than pay for itself.

Washers and dryers by LG, Maytag, or Frigidaire are some of the best models to choose from. Learn a little more about their laundry lines before deciding which brand will be the best for you and your family. Here are a few pointers on famous brands:

LG Washer and Dryer Reviews

lg washer and dryer all in one
LG WM3431HS All-In-One
Washer Dryer Titanium

LG is a very popular brand for many home family appliances, including electronics, such as TV, living room equipments and kitchen ware. This bears the same when they step into laundry market. For instance, LG front loading washers captured the majority of the market share in recent years. Both their dryers and washers are dependable and are backed by at least a seven year warranty on their appliance motors. Additionally their machines employ modern styling. Overall, they give good value for the dollars you spend.

There are literally over one hundred different types of washers available from LG. Regardless of your laundry needs, you will find something that you like. One of the most popular models is the WM3001HRA. It is a front load washing machine that cleans with steam to remove most allergens. That is one of the many innovations from LG.

LG dryers are available in both gas and electric models. Whichever you choose, you can count on good drying performance. You can choose a dryer that will pair with your washers, either as a stackable unit or one that is side by side. If you are interested in LG's steam washer, you will be happy to know that they have steam dryers as well.

Maytag Washer and Dryer Reviews

maytag-washer-and-dryer stackable
Maytag MET3800TW
Washer Dryer

Maytag along with its iconic handyman is known for its dependability. No matter what model you buy, you can choose from a number of service plans that will lengthen the life of your washer dryers for years to come. There is also a huge variety of colors, styles, and even widths to accommodate every living space, be it in tight apartments or big home houses with spacious bathrooms.

Maytag washers offer both top loading and front loading varieties in addition to many stylish colors. High end front load washers are about $200 more than top load washing machines, but the capacities of both styles are fairly similar. You will find both of them reliable, and pretty stable, but the front loading washers are more energy efficient.

Some models of Maytag dryers, such as the Performance Series, have a steam dry cycle at the end of each load to remove odors and wrinkles. This feature is similar to the LG washer and dryers, and both brands receive equally good reviews about this smart feature.

Frigidaire Washer and Dryer Reviews

frigidaire washer and dryer all in one
Frigidaire GLGT1142CS 27-Inch
Stacked Washer Dryer
Gas Laundry Center

While most people think of refrigerators with the Frigidaire brand, they also offer a line of washer machines and dryers as well. In general, Frigidaire products are more moderately priced than Maytag or LG - somewhere in the neighborhood of $100. The company still enjoys the same quality reputation as its competitors in the laundry industry.

Frigidaire washing machines are sold as both front and top loaders. However, they don't score as well in the energy efficiency aspect as their major competition from names such as Kenmore. You need to do the math to see if the lower price compensates higher utility bills. Also, Frigidaire isn't as aesthetically pleasing as LG, though this is certainly a matter open to debate, as this would be of a personal taste.

Frigidaire dryers are often clubbed together with their washers to form a single washer and dryer combination unit. In small apartment this is a great space saving feature. However, Frigidaire currently doesn't offer any dryers over 7 cubic feet of capacity. This means that they are less able to accommodate large family sized laundry loads.

Final Thoughts

In summary, the time invested on researching different brands of washer and dryers will be time very well spent. Make it a priority to choose good laundry equipment that meets all of your needs.

Check out all of the special features available. And remember, if you choose a quality and highly reputable brand name, you can be assured of consistent and problem free service for many years to come.

Another thing s to watch out for is availability of replacement parts, which hopefully you won't need, but its best to be prepared anyway.

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Updated January 2011