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Stackable Washer Dryer

Washing and drying clothes has long been an important aspect of home life and the stackable washer dryer is a common feature in many homes. However, it was not until the advent of the fully electronic dryer in 1947 that the beginnings of stackable washer and dryer units took root.

Until then there were only wringing machines and ventilated barrels to dry clothes. The wringer or mangler on top of a wash barrel was the first combination washer dryer - stackable versions did not come about till the mid twentieth century.

Electronic technology replaced the clothes-line, rolling barrel over a flame and leaving clothes up over a stove, as the pre-eminent method of drying clothes. With the advent of electronic dryers there came the capacity to combine both the washing machine and dryer in dynamic new ways. Unfortunately this would generally cause a lesser amount of space for laundering clothes to be available.

To assuage this many companies began to create machines that were designed to be stacked on top of each other. This would allow a full size washing load for both the washing and drying portion of that activity. This became highly popular in local laundry mats as well as apartment complexes as time went by. It also found its way into private residences with larger families due to the increased capacity to wash clothing with less space being taken up.

What to Look for When Buying a Stackable Washer and Dryer?

The modern market for the stacked washer dryers is littered with dozens of models from many different companies that all wish to prove that they are the best and all other models are entirely inferior to their product.

maytag stackable washer dryer

Despite the wild claims, the truth is that most electric and gas washers and dryers do the same job. The only difference is the amount of 'bells and whistles' involved and the amount of time it takes to perform the tasks they are set to.

The truth is that unlike washer dryer combinations, these items are separate appliances. Each one has to be checked thoroughly for such things as rust in the barrel, dings or dents, and loose connections. Even brand new devices can sometimes come flawed and it is much easier to simply buy another one in its place initially than it is to spend time, money, and possibly postage, to send the appliances back to the manufacturer for repair.

When looking for stackable washer dryer combo the first thing to do is determine whether you wish to expend extra money up front to purchase new models or save money and purchase used ones. Both of these choices have merits all their own.

Buying New

Purchasing a washer and dryer brand new has its highest merit in the fact that it will come with a warranty and generally a money back guarantee. In short, if it does not work properly or breaks down soon after purchasing, then it will be readily replaced as per the buyers purchase agreement. This is similar to having the washer and dryer set insured against reasonable damage so long as there is not outside tampering involved.

Beyond the warranty there are other reasons to buy a brand new washer dryer stackable unit. The most notable will be the nature of the technology involved. Modern versions of these appliances tend to be far more efficient and less of an energy drain than older models.

Buying Old or Bargain Brand Models

Despite popular misconception just because an item is an older model or an unknown brand name this does not automatically equate to poor quality. Old washing machines and dryers have something going for them that newer models do not. They have been tested by time and found to be in good working condition, usually.

There are a few shady people that will overcharge compared to what the appliances are worth, but in general this will still be a great deal cheaper than purchasing one brand new stackable set. There is also the fact that reputable showrooms with used merchandise will often guarantee the product in good working order for thirty to ninety days on the average as well.

The most notable reason to buy old or used stacked models is the lower price tag. However, be certain to check the machines thoroughly before purchasing them. Prior use might have damaged the internal mechanisms or otherwise weakened its efficiency.

Why Buy Front Load Stackable Washer Dryer

Many available washer stackable units are front loaders. This is due to the fact that you cannot easily load clothing into a top-loading washing machine if you cannot reach said top. This particular advice is mentioned solely because people might forget such things in the heat of the moment and inadvertently purchase a machine that will not work as a stackable version.

Few of the many good brands to choose from are Frigidaire and Maytag stackable washer dryers. These all come in small compact size portable washer and dryer units that can fit into the tiniest available space in your kitchen or bathroom set ups, like under sinks or cupboards.

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