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Samsung Washing Machine - Smart Digital Interface

Samsung washing machine uses latest innovation in its electronics technologies to not only give a superb cleaning experience but also to produce less sound and noise. This means that they are whisper quiet washing machines.

Samsung Company's presence in the market can be traced to more than seven decades. The company is into diverse businesses ranging from semi-conductors, petrochemicals, construction, medicine, finance to hotels etc.

It was founded in 1969 as Samsung Electric Industries in South Korea. Today, considered to be amongst the top 100 global brands, Samsung Industries is number 2 in the field of electronics.

Samsung Company boasts of an expansive product line that comprises of not-too-expensive mobile phones, TVs, Refrigerators, cameras, home appliances, PCs and the highly praised smart robotic Samsung vacuum cleaners. Samsung washing machine is perhaps one of the popular products manufactured by this giant brand.

Overview of Samsung Washers

samsung washing machine overview

The Samsung washer machines can be classified into three main categories: Front loading, top loaders and semi automatic washing machines. The company claims that all their models provide a super clean washing experience and are ultra safe.

The Silver Nano technology provides wash programs and user interface that are simpler and easier to grasp than most other laundry appliance brands, where owners can easily get entangled and confused on how to select the right washing cycle.

Common Features of Samsung Washing Machines

Samsung front load washing machine has a host of modern features like Ceramic Heater. This feature helps in providing perfect washing experience that is well suited to the load you have and they save power and money.

Ceramic heaters also save your time and they are thrice more durable than conventional heaters, thereby saving you money on repairs over a long period of time. Some of the models come with an air wash system that helps in eliminating washing machine's unpleasant odors, allergens and bacteria. Samsung front loading washer blows hot air on clothes while they are in the process of cleaning.

Diamond Drum Samsung Washer

Samsung top load washing machine can wash loads up to 10.5 kg, suitable for a large family. They are extremely robust machines which provide gentle care to your fabrics. Integrated with Ag+ Silver Nano technology, these machines help in effective removal of germs, stains and odors. The technology starts with the formation of silver ions which permeate into the clothes killing almost 99.9999% bacteria present in your laundry.

Samsung Diamond Drum washers have small water exit holes and soft edges. This doesn't tangle the clothes, thus causing less wear and tear.

Double Storm Pulsator technology in their drums enhances performance for better overall cleaning. This system creates water wave effect, which aids in smooth movement of clothes, reducing entanglements. Dual jets of water also make sure that your clothes are very clean upon finished cycle.

Mist Shower technology allows two jets of water to run down on the clothes simultaneously ensuring that any detergent residue is completely removed.

Air Turbo Drying System is yet another effective feature that makes the spin fast enough to reduce water content in your clothes. With 680 RPM, your clothes will come out with much less moisture.

The line of Samsung Semi Automatic washers also incorporates Silver Nano technology, Double Storm pulsator, and Air Turbo Drying System. All these technologies help to protect the fabrics against harmful bacteria and eliminating dirt and stains from clothes.

Popular Models of Samsung Washing Machine

Samsung WF328AAW washer

Samsung WF3288AAW 4.0 Cu. Ft. Front Load Washer
This white SilverCare Freestanding Washing Machine is high in performance and features. The SilverCare option helps in eliminating odors. Since the spin cycle has high speed, it helps in reducing drying time. These super capacity Samsung washers have Energy Star rating, hence they consume less electricity. However some consumers feel that it required daily maintenance to clean the detergent dispenser. Apart from that the cycle time is longer than average washers.

Samsung B1245SGSX Washer Silver 6.0 Load
is a great washing machine that needs cold water connection. It is a 1200 RPM spin Samsung washing machine, but the spin can be changed manually to 400, 800, 1000 or 1200. With an array of 14 programs, this Samsung washer can take care of fabrics that are delicate and those which require tough wash.

The machine has a fuzzy logic, so if you select any program, it will automatically detect the load and set temperature, number of rinses and spins. The downside according to some consumers is that small clothes get tangled between rubber seal and the door.

Samsung WF206BNW Washer
is a 3.8 cu ft machine that has many superb features. You can wash your heavy clothes without the fear of damaging its drum. It has digital control which makes it better than machines with manual controls. But some consumers noticed that this washer shakes a lot.

Final Thought

In short Samsung washing machine is a good buy for people who are not too good at digital controls. Also, these are not expensive and you can surely find a model that will suit your budget.

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Updated January 2011