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Rolling Laundry Basket on Wheels for Dirty Clothes

Have you seen the rolling laundry basket on wheels? It is widely used in the hotels and commercial establishments, but it is quite effective for the household purposes as well.

Especially, if you follow a busy lifestyle and do not get enough time to wash your clothes daily, then having laundry baskets is very useful to store smelly and stained dirty clothes until the washing day comes.

Generally, a place near the washroom or bathroom is used for storing the dirty clothes. If you place a rolling laundry basket over there, then the garments will not be scattered all over the floor.

If you have kids in your house, they will act in a disciplined manner by throwing the dirty attires into the basket.

Moreover, these baskets are quite economical. Some baskets cost around $1 while the wheeled units may cost around $30 and above.

Types of Rolling Laundry Baskets

plastic-rolling-laundry-basketSurprisingly, there are various types of laundry basket on wheels available in the market. You have to select the preferred type according to your requirement. Suppose, you have a small family and the dirty clothes do not accumulate into a huge pile, then you can buy a small-sized baby laundry basket.

Plastic Laundry Basket - These are the most popular varieties of the laundry basket. These models provide adequate ventilation and security because of the horizontal and vertical strapping. These are easy to load and easy to carry.

The advantages: low cost and easy handling for added convenience.

The disadvantages: straps can easily break under stress because these are low-end units.

wicker-laundry-basketsWicker laundry baskets - are the oldest designs still available today. These models are developed by using wicker, which is a woven wood. They are very strong and can stack up pounds of load, but lack the rolling wheels.

The good: sturdy, has high loading capacity and supports quick removal of wet clothes.

The bad: wet cloth moisture can weaken the basket, its bulky in size and can have loose individual strands.

Recommended: Laundry Basket on Wheels Best Buy

laundry-basket-on-wheelsHold N Storage 3 Tier Storage Cart: This is an easy to assemble unit that can be easily placed between washer and dryer. The steel frame formation makes it strong. The unit measures 26in. x 32.75in. x 7.5iin and it costs around $60.

Hamper with Wheels: This is a highly convenient unit that can be moved from one room to another easily. The pull-up handle and flip-top lid are the top class features. It costs around $17.

You can take these laundry baskets on wheels anywhere you want, slide through the stairs and pick up dirty clothes from any corner of the room. The mobility of these units is the biggest advantage.

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Updated November 17, 2010