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Portable Washing Machines

Portable washing machines are designed for use in condos and in small cramped efficiency apartments. They are compact, are easily rolled into bathrooms or kitchens where small loads of laundry needs to be washed and then hung outside to dry or slung over a shower rod. A portable clothes washer fits in everywhere and is especially welcomed in college dorms.

Of course the first portable washing machine was the scrub board that was invented in 1797. It was useful in getting out grime and stains but it often resulted in aching backs and skinned knuckles. The old, worn, stressed ones of the past are considered collectible antiques today.

Then, to the happiness of women everywhere, the first gasoline powered washing machine was invented and for a fortunate few, wash day drudgery was over. After that came electric washers with wringers and they kept being improved upon. The whittled down portable varieties discussed here are adaptations of the larger installed types. With one exception, hand propelled washers more resemble improvements over old-fashioned wash boards, than present washers.

Women have always found washing a chore, yet a necessary one. No invention in all history has been more welcomed. Just imagine how delighted the women of means were in 1851 when James King invented a hand-powered drum type machine that made washing clothes easier. It was just steps away from what we now know as the portable washer.

Types of Portable Washing Machines

Portable clothes washers come in all sizes and descriptions. Supposedly there are mobile washers for every washing need from the smallest load capacity to those equaling a regular washing machine. The only difference between the larger portable and the regular washer is installation.

Searching for a portable washer machine is made easier when search terms such as size, features, top loading, washer-dryer combinations, load capacity, price range and brand names are used. Some are round drum types, others are square, with or without casters and there are varied ways they pound out the dirt. Some pulsate, others swirl or spin.

Danby DWM99W 4.2 kg. Capacity Portable Top Load Washer

danby portable washer

This mini washing machine loads from the top and its capacity is 9.2 lbs. Designed for those with large washing needs it fits the requirements of those who live in apartments or houses with no washer-dryer hook-ups. Possibly they are renters who cannot afford the extra expense of adding plumbing for regular washers. Too, they will be able to take it with them when and if they move.

In the meantime it rolls into the kitchen or bathroom and then after use is again hidden in a closet or somewhere out of sight. The tub is of stainless steel, has four settings for water levels and five different wash cycles. There's not much to distinguish this from a regular washer other than it being detached from permanent plumbing.

Haier HLP23E 1.46 Cu. Ft. Electronic Touch Pulsator Top Loading Washing Machine

haier portable washing machine

This small washing machine sells for less than $250 dollars and has a 1 and 1/2 cubic foot tub, four wash cycles, six cycle settings and a see through lid and comes equipped with all accessories needed to operate.

What many owners like about this model is that it can handle a considerably large load compared to its size and runs quite smoothly, quieter than most full size washers. Overall, it's great for one-bedroom units or to be kept on small basement.

Hand Powered Portable Washing Machines

These little hand powered washing gadgets are for those with rheumatic and painful hands and for other hand washing laundry chores. They do not run on electricity, gasoline or any other fuel but are cranked by hand. This creates pressure and the actual work of the hands is not as hard as one might think. Their purpose is for doing laundry in areas where there is no access to laundromats and yet soiled clothes pile up. Family camp sites, living in backwoods areas with no regular fuel sources and, of course, a way of being kind to the environment are all the reasons for its handy application.

hand powered portable washing machine

These are said to work 100 times faster than a normal washing machine and a load of laundry can be completed in about two minutes.

Wow! What are the particulars about this little dynamo of a portable clothes washer? It is suggested as a substitute for a regular washing machine in between large loads of clothes. It comes assembled, is easily stored and is lightweight. Seen as good for RV living, long car trips, hotel rooms, and wherever a few items needs to be washed.

Simplicity is its other name. Place certain amount of water, detergent and clothes in and fasten lid. Turn handle one turn per second for a minute or two. Slowly turn the knob to release pressure and if you so desire rinse the same way or by hand in the sink. Hang clothes to dry. Several shirts or two pairs of jeans will be about the size of the laundry. This portable washer is sold by Clean Air Gardening for about $50 dollars.

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