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Miele Washing Machine Reviews

This article focuses on an overview of Miele washing machine and its features. With a guarantee that spans 10 years, this washer offers a longer lifespan to keep your wardrobe clean. 

In the myriad of washing machines, Miele washers and dryers are considered to be one of the most expensive brands. So, that makes us ponder 'why to buy expensive Miele when there are other models of similar nature and provide a good washing experience?'.

Overview of Miele Washing Machines

Most Miele front load washers and dryers are economical washer machines that pay off their prices within a few years of purchase. Their signature features are:

  1. Reduced energy consumption.
  2. The washing machine parts are extremely durable and robust, which translates into less repair work or replacement issues.
  3. Intelligent system uses optimal water for rinsing.
  4. All the parts of Miele washer machines are recyclable, making the product environment friendly.

Brief History

Founded by Carl Miele and Reinhard Zinkann in 1899, Miele is a German company. This family owned business has an expansive product line that comprises of washing machines, washer dryer, dishwashers, the famous vacuum cleaners namely Cat and Dog Upright Miele Hoovers, fridges, microwaves, coffee machines, etc.

It is one of the largest family owned companies which runs in over 30 countries around the world. Miele is a big household name in Germany and Europe.

Overabundance of Features in Miele Washer and Dryers

Features that make Miele washing machine and dryer models stand out from competition include:

miele washing machine
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  • Optimum Garment Care - These washing machines come with a patented honey comb drum. This technology helps in saving water and gives your clothes a superior wash. The state-of-the-art 'precise load recognition' technology makes the system draw water that is just enough for that particular load. A spin speed of up to 1800 RPM ensures that your clothes come out with minimum moisture.
  • Advanced Washing Programs - front loading Miele washing machines have an array of intelligent special programs which are fabric specific. Clothes having tough stains or light stains can be effectively washed as you can select from 22 stain types levels and cleaning programs. To help its consumers the company even developed special Miele detergents that can be specifically used for Miele washers and dryers.
  • Performance Exceeds Expectations - Miele washer is fitted with waterproof systems for protection against water damage. Its outer case is strong and is coated with direct enamel, corrosion protected, scratch resistant and is acid resistant. Sure to last for the nest two or three decades and still look flashy as new.
  • Miele Washing Drums are suspended on strong springs and shock absorbers. Its effective placement results in minimum wear and tear and noiseless operation.

  • Quiet & Smooth Spinning - Miele claims that its washing machine is quieter than any other machines. This is because its motor works without carbon brushes, is maintenance free and runs smoothly.
  • Energy Efficient - Miele requires only 0.19 kWh if your washing load is not more than 3.5 kg. Another energy efficient feature is the fact that the programs adjust their duration according to the washing load.
  • PC Software Update - perhaps this is the best feature which allows you to update or customize your washing machine even years after you've purchased it.

Popular Models of Miele Washing Machine

Miele W2888 front load washer

Miele W 2888
washing machine is 5.5 kg capacity appliance that some clients feel is a great buy as it has many wash cycles and gives a prefect wash every time. Even the dirtiest of the clothes, from sportswear to construction uniforms come out spotless. The delicate wash cycle handles delicate fabrics like silk, muslin, cotton voile, netting, expensive lace and transparent fabrics carefully.

Though many customers have never had any issues during their ownership period, some feel that the machine rattles a lot and the suspension make more noise than a standard washer. Another disadvantage is its expensive price tag.

Miele W2515 washer

Miele W 2515
front loading washing machine is a durable and a reliable product with a range of adjustable washing cycles. According to some users even though it is reasonably quiet, the washing aspect is not so good. Their clothes do not get soft even after using a fabric softener but they are very clean.

Some customers like it because it doesn't require lots of laundry detergent to wash. Hence it amounts to some saving. Since it has an energy rating of 4 star you will get a rebate from government for buying this washer.

Miele W3740 washing machine

Miele W 3740
washer is a classy model with robust steel body and state-of-art technology. It can last for 3-4 decades. Considered to be the Rolls Royce of washers, this Miele washer is for customers who like traditional looks combined with tough laundry washing.

Basically it is the best traditional washing machine if you can afford it. In case it needs any replacement or repair work it is best to use Miele engineers.

In Summary

Apart from being one of the most expensive (luxury) washer brands, Miele washing machine is a great product to buy if shelling out a few extra dollars is not a concern. The brand sells on its robustness and durability features and makes a perfect home equipment for folks with long term investment in mind.

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Updated January 2011