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Maytag Washers - Maytag Washing Machine Reviews

Maytag washers are a good choice if you are looking for a washing machine that has quality features, uses less water and is gentle on your clothes. There are a plethora of washing machines in the market, but Maytag washing machine stands out due to its energy efficient quality washing and dependability.

The company was started by Fredrick Louis Maytag in 1907 and it was after 15 years of experimenting when the first Maytag washer was produced - called the Pastime Washer.

In 1909, the company introduced "The Hired Girl", which was the first engine powered washer.

maytag washer hired girl

With continuous innovation and researches, company introduced a fully automatic Maytag washing machine in 1949. 1950s saw Maytag moving into commercial market and the company introduced their first coin-slider machine. Presently Maytag is manufacturing popular front load, top loading and washer/dryer models.

Common Strength of Maytag

The signature feature of Maytag washing machines is its durability as they have a stainless steel basket and a steel body. Even though the product line consists of front loaders, its centennial top load pair is a super capacity washer.

The front loading models have an IntelliTemp Automatic temperature control and there are up to 5 choices in some of the models.

Maytag is not into adding new features all the time, but being the beacons of innovation, it upgrades its existing models with new features. Since washing machine is all about bringing the arduous task of cleaning to simpler level, choosing Maytag washers that are feature filled will make the laundry task a breeze.

Basically, Maytag washing machine fits the category of offering most features for the best price. They are readily available in any of the retail outlets as well as through online orders with occasional free shipping during sales periods, like Christmas or Easter days.

Maytag Washers Unique Features

If you are looking for optimal washing, the Maytag front loaders are good. They are water and energy efficient and will gently wash your fabrics or heavy items. They require low-concentration, high efficiency detergent. However, you need to clean the washtub at regular intervals just like you have to do for other brands.

Maytag top load washing machines do not have agitators. The clothes move along with the wash plate for efficient washing. It requires less water and less energy as compared to other traditional washers. A low sudsing, high efficiency detergent is needed for them. In case you are connecting steam dryers, then they must be connected to the water line.

The conventional models offer a variety of features at affordable prices. They don't need any specific detergents and you can wash clothes with any of the washing detergent available in the market.

Apart from the conventional black and white colors, Maytag washer also comes in many different designer colors, so you can pick best color that suits your home decor.

If you opt for features like water level & balance sensors and steam cycles, it will cost you a little extra.

Flagship Models of Maytag Washing Machine

maytag front load steam washer mhwe950ww

Maytag Front Load Steam Washer MHWE950WW
provides excellent cleaning as it is enabled by a Power Wash Cycle. It has an Oxi-treat feature along with a steam sanitization cycle backed up by allergen removal feature.

The company gives a 10 years warranty on this product which speaks volumes about it. A sure piece of mind if you are about to invest on a good washer that lasts and performs to its promise. Such long warranty from a reputable company will definitely carry its weight to be taken seriously.

maytag bravos MVWB850WL

Maytag Bravos Top Load Washer MVWB850WL
is an Energy Star qualified washer. Manufacturer claims that its Oxi cycle can remove up to 99.9% bacteria and clean dirt from clothes effectively while keeping water and electricity usage to very economical levels.

This Lunar Silver washing machine has been reported to able to dry clothes very quickly in about 30 mins - much faster than other washer brands, like Whirlpool Duet models for example, which can typically take up to 90 minutes to accomplish similar jobs.

The Smallest of Maytag Washers - MET3800TW
This model is fit for homes which have restricted space. It can easily fit into small closets or corners.

Maytag Neptune 8kg Touch Screen Front Load Washer has unique touch screen controls. It has advanced construction features and guaranteed longevity.

Maytag Heritage 7kg Top Load Washer is a commercial grade machine, which is very reliable and it can handle big loads with long continuous cycles.

The gist is that if you are looking for a combination of dependability and robustness, then Maytag washing machines are a great choice.

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Updated January 2011