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LG Washing Machines - Best LG Washer Dryer Models

Being one of the most familiar brand names amongst household's appliances, LG washing machines generally receive very positive reviews from those who own them and is highly recommended as a reliable brand for laundry machines.

Established in 1958 as Gold Star, LG Electronics has come a far way in manufacturing an array of home appliances like TVs, radios, LG washing machine, ovens, mobiles, LG vacuum, etc. The technological expertise of the company has put it in the forefront of leaders in this field in the 21st century.

The company was renamed in 1995 to LG Electronics and acquired Zenith, a US based company. 1998 saw world's first 60-inch plasma TV from LG, and in 1999, LG Philips LCD was established. Currently the company employs over 84,000 employees and is amongst the world's leading producer of flat panel TVs, air conditioners, mobiles and washing machines.

Unique Features of LG Washing Machines

Most LG washer machines are very energy efficient while giving a high performance. There are three types of models - stackable, side-by-side and front loading.

Some of the LG washers have Direct Drive™ technology. In this the washing machines are fixed with a powerful and reliable motor that is noiseless and has diminished vibrations. This is an improvement upon the traditional washing machines which have a belt and pulley that wear out fast.

Direct Drive™ is the high-tech technology that has main motor parts like belt, and pulley into a single unit attached to the drum. This results into a quiet and reliable mechanism.

Another integrated system is Steam Direct Drive technology in which steam penetrates into your fabric at the finest level and since it is more active and hotter than water, it removes odors, disbands dirt and remove allergy causing bacteria, in less time.

The company claims that its LG Medic Rinse cycle can remove up to 99.8% household dust mites or animal dander.

LG washing machines also have 'Intelligent Washing System' that detects the load size and automatically chooses the water level, cycle time and temperature for optimal washing. At the same time it minimizes energy consumption.

Another unique feature that LG washer has is 'Shower Spray'. A pump is fixed beneath the drum and it sprays water from top when washing is taking place. It enhances diffusion of detergent.

Front Load LG Washing Machines

Front loading LG washer has programs ranging from washing delicate fabrics to the most bulky items like blankets and comforters. If you are in a hurry, then there is a quick wash of 30 minutes. There is an option of Bio Care in one of the popular models whereby temperature is controlled at 60 degrees and clothes spin at 1000 RPM ensuring maximum removal of bacteria and other types of germs. All the front loaders have a child lock.

Top Load LG Washers

LG top loading machines come with an Intelligent Sensor. It senses the load and sets optimal washing conditions for the wash load. Additionally, it removes detergent well, which cause irritation to your skin. These energy efficient washing systems use 220 Volts and just 0.46 kWh, have a special Punch+3 mini pulsator and the tubs are stainless steel. At 60 Hz they are noiseless and wash your woolen clothes just as well as your jeans.

Twin tub LG washing machines key features are water selector, wind jet dry and soak program. Apart from these they have a lint filter along with an overflow filter.

Popular and Best LG Washer Models

lg WM2688H front load washer

LG WM2688H
is a popular front loading washer that has innovative SteamWash™. Its ultra large capacity and improved washing performance makes it favorite amongst large families. Designed for water conservation and high energy, it's Energy Star qualified.

LG WM2032H
This is a popular XL front load washing machine which can be considerably quiet and energy efficient. According to some customers it cleans clothes well but they feel that it is more expensive than most other products belonging to same types.

Recommended for second floor users, this machine can end up shaking especially if the load is not balanced. This problem can be eliminated by putting large loads. About two thirds of reviews found online would not recommend buying one of these. According to some consumers, this machine doesn't completely remove pet hair or playground mulch.

lg WM3431 all in one washer

LG WM3431 All-in-One Washer Dryer
is another popular model which most of the consumers feel, is compact and good for small spaces and can fit in dishwasher space. Though it washes well, its vibrations can be upsetting at times.

Some customers have bought it with extended warranties as lint gets accumulated in the drying pipe over a year. The machine can easily wash a king size sheet but not more than that. It has a sanitary cycle that can clean your clothes with very hot water and will keep your whites more white.

Final thoughts

All in all, LG washing machines are a good buy if you have don't have considerable laundering needs or if you have a conventional washer at home.

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Updated January 2011