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Stain Removal Laundry Tips & Laundry Room Organization Ideas

Helpful laundry tips should be followed by those who want to make their laundry easy, fun and less time consuming experience.


Have you ever considered sorting out the clothes cleaning process step by step to cut down unnecessary tasks and labor? A well organized laundry schedule solves it all.

Basic Laundry Tips for Beginners

Common tips for laundry involve anything and everything that can make the job easy and less expensive for you.

How to Sort Dirty Laundry Video Demonstration

The first tip is to learn how to use a machine properly. Reading the manuals and instructions will help. Before loading the clothes in the machine, sort them out on the basis of fabric type. Separate the delicate fabric and linen clothes, the dark and color fast clothes and the white clothes all in different baskets.

For maximum cleaning, pre-treat and presoak the soiled garments. Adjust the water temperature as the stain and the fabric demands. Choosing a mild but effective quality detergent is equally important to have a good laundry. You can add a cup of liquid bleach while cleaning, to soften the fabric, especially in case of hard water.

Drying at a proper mild heat is also necessary for maintaining the health of the fabric.

Using low temperature settings, turning down the thermostat, loading clothes lower than the full capacity, using suds saving features, drying similar types of fabric together, cleaning the dryer filter timely and avoiding using the dryer in hot and dry climates result in maximum energy saving in your washing machine and is an important tip for laundry.

One of the laundry tips is to send big laundering items like bedspread, rugs, curtains, etc. to the commercial Laundromats.

General Household Tips for Laundry

Laundering can be up to the mark only if you take good care of your clothes.

  1. Dark clothes, which are most likely to get faded after washes, should be turned inside out while loading in the washer. Dry them on the lowest level of heat to avoid discoloration.
  2. Is your new sparkly shirt shedding its sparkles everywhere? Spray some aerosol hair spray on it to make the glitters stay put.
  3. Are sticky gums of your children spoiling their garments? Brush egg whites on the gums and allow it to settle for 15 minutes and then wash off normally.
  4. Another household tips for laundry is to soak shirts wet with perspiration in a solution having equal parts of water, ammonia and a few tablespoons of liquid dish soap to remove odor.

Which Laundry Stain Removal Tip Works for All Kind Of Stains?

There is no magic solution or detergent that is effective in removing all sorts of stains equally. The stain removal tips change with the stains.

Watch how fun it can be doing laundry

  • The most commonly faced stubborn stain is blood. You can try pouring hydrogen peroxide on the stain and rinse it with cold water.
  • If the fabric is slightly burnt, you should first gently brush it with some soft bristles to remove the carbon particles. Now wash it up with a color safe bleach and regular detergent. However, this is not one of the best laundry tips, because the process will damage the fabric even more than the burn. Thus, it will make the burnt mark apparently invisible.
  • For deodorant stains, white vinegar does the magic. Soaking the cloth in vinegar for half an hour before laundering it in hot water with an enzyme detergent removes stains effectively.
  • Grimes on cuffs and collars can be removed with a pre-cleaner. Rinsing with water after spot cleaning helps get rid of such unwanted stains.
  • Ink stains can be removed by rubbing alcohol on the tainted part before washing.
  • Mark of lipsticks can be erased with the help of petroleum jelly.

Laundry Room Organization

laundry-organizationOne of the more important laundry cleaning tips to keep in mind is to stay organized. Cleaning the laundry is a tiresome job if you cannot do it in an organized fashion. Start with picking up all the laundry items in the laundry basket. You can get it done by the kids in the house by arranging some games for them.

Those who do not have time to hang them up to dry should dry it fully in the dryer and dump them. Other useful laundry cleaning tips are to sort them out according to your daily needs and fold them neatly. Use socks sorting clips to pair up the socks.

One of the most important laundry tips is to try and maintain a chart on which you should tick out the things you have used and are due for the laundry. The best of the cleaning tips in laundry is to perform laundering and cleaning on weekends when you have enough time and patience to clean up the mess.


Learning about many handy laundry tips can reduce a lot of labor, time and money. However, the real fabric care lies in how you handle and wash your clothes. For greater longevity and badger free laundering, choose the right detergent, machine and wash program.

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Cotton Laundry Bag
A cotton laundry bag made of 100% cotton fabric is highly durable and safe for those who are allergic to nylon and polyester materials.

Canvas Laundry Bag
A canvas laundry bag is widely used for sorting soiled clothes, linen, medical instruments and other washable items in a laundry room.

Nylon Laundry Bags
If you are searching for something strong and inexpensive that you can use to carry your laundry clothes, then nylon  bags can be a very good choice.

Mesh Laundry Bags
Mesh bags are great for protecting small items, delicates and fine hosieries from getting held up with other laundry items while in the washing machine.

Wholesale Laundry Bags
Wholesale bags come in packs containing large numbers of similar sized bags. Available in various sizes and colors, laundry bag manufacturers often sell them at cheaper prices than when bought in individual units.

Commercial Laundry Bags
The heavy duty commercial bags are ideal for bulk storage. A commercial laundry business is incomplete without industrial grade bags.


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