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Laundry Room Cabinets Design Ideas

Laundry room cabinets are crucial for saving storage space for linen, clothing and other laundry items.


If you want to stay organized to make full use of the functionalities of your laundry room, then install one of these filing cabinets. They are invaluable in dealing with the large pile of dirty clothes scattered everywhere in the room.

Even though it is not a compulsion to own laundry cabinets, it is one of the very basic necessities to keep your laundry room in order. Since laundry rooms are usually small as they are only meant for washing, ironing and folding clothes, it does not make much sense if you occupy the already constricted space with litters of dirty clothes.

Space efficiency being the utmost priority, tucking up ironing board, brooms, compact vacuum cleaners, etc. in their right place leaves a lot of space to do the task conveniently. Always buy a laundry room cabinet that is made of composite wood, as they are highly durable.

Laundry room wall cabinets can also hold basic items like detergent, fabric softener, cleaning agents and various other laundry care products. Hence, keeping the articles that are most used, in systematic order in one shelf makes them easily accessible.

Designing Custom Laundry Cabinets

laundry-room-organizerTo make beautiful and functional additions as per your personal requirements, customizing laundry cabinets is the ideal solution. This is a great way of enhancing the interior of your small laundry room for greater storage.

You can order for a tall pantry pullout in the laundry cabinet for storing the cleaning supplies. You can also order for a separate space for keeping sewing materials, stackable and linens. You can further opt for integrated panels to secure the contents when not in use.

You can browse through the Web and come up with inspiring design ideas for customization. You can tailor everything from the style of the doors, type of the wood, type of finish, number of shelves, position and dimension of the shelves, etc. according to your needs.

Get your laundry room cabinets, custom designed from a reputable shop that understands the need of modified shelf space for greater, quicker and convenient storage.

Laundry Room Cabinets Installation

laundry-room-wall-cabinetsInstalling a laundry room wall cabinet on your own will save you the additional labor cost. For this, you first need a stud finder to locate the studs in the wall. Mark them with a pencil and measure them to understand the height of the cupboard that will fit in it.

Next, use a drill to dig the studs and a screwdriver to pin wood screws in the holes. Secure the one inch with the three inch board. Now, measure up the backing plate of the cabinet and mark the spots as per the measurements.

Lift the cabinet with the help of someone and align it safely with the one by three inch board. Again use wood screws and drill to fix the cabinet to the wall. Make sure that the screws pass right through the marks made.

Now remove the one by three inch wooden board off the wall.

Staying Organized with Laundry Room Storage Cabinets

Laundry Pedestal Cabinets - Shelves Design Demonstration

The cabinets should always be installed right above or below the washer dryer for quick access. With them, you can conceal the mess of piled up dirty clothes and the cleaning detergents behind the doors.

Use a simple shelf or a corner caddy to store laundry care products, as they are light and offer greater storage. The problem with major households about running out of storage space can be sorted by premade cabinets that are set on the walls to maximize the space.

You can fold up and store linens and other delicate clothing inside the shelves. To prevent wrinkles, you can install hooks in them. A mesh or canvas can be set up to sort clothes according to the colors and washing requirements, to clean up spaces.

Keeping the shelving configuration in focus, you can order for laundry room cabinets of any subtle, rich or variant color available. The classic Manhattan style with Cognac finish is great in terms of utility and fancifulness, but is also quite expensive.

Regardless of the price, choose a cabinet that reflects quality, durability and above all, makes organizing a lot easier for you.

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Updated December 19, 2010