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Kenmore Washing Machines & Dryers

For 75 years, Kenmore washing machines have been the byword for quality and innovation in the industry.

First of all, Kenmore appliances are high quality because they are sold almost exclusively by a store that has been bringing you tools of the highest caliber: Sears. Today, Kenmore has branched out into local stores as well as the chain, K-Mart, but Sears has always been their flagship retailer.

Kenmore washing machines also cover a wide range of products. You don't have to buy an old fashioned top loader. You can also get front loading washers, high efficiency washers, and even coin operated washers from Kenmore.

These products are also backed with a warranty as well as an additional three or five year protection agreement that covers unexpected repairs that occur beyond the life of the warranty.

For these reasons, it is worth taking a few moments to look at the entire line of Kenmore washers and Dryers and see what is available for value, energy efficiency, and price savings.

Front Load Kenmore Washing Machine Savings

Front loading washing machines are becoming more popular in people's home these days. Once strictly the provenance of industrial and Laundromat machines, their efficiency is making them a popular domestic choice as well.

front load kenmore washing machine

There are about thirty different styles of Kenmore machines that are front loading. Their prices range from five hundred dollars to fifteen hundred dollars depending on the model and rebates.

Buying a front loading washer means a decrease in the amount of water and energy that you se for every load. Every front loading Kenmore washer comes with an Energy Star rating.

Energy Star appliances, on average, save at least 50% on both water and electricity as compared to washers made before 2004. Some models will save even more.

You will also save with these washing machines because they produce less wear on your clothes. The new line of front loading washers has five different ways to move your clothing during the washing cycle. This innovation makes your clothes last longer.

High Efficiency Kenmore Washers

Even though front load washers save you money, you will find your savings increase even more if you get high efficiency Kenmore washing machines.

First, all eleven Kenmore high efficiency machines exceed the qualifications for the government's Energy Star rating system. You could be saving up to 75% of your water and energy if you switch.

These Kenmore washers also help you save by having huge capacities. Most washers are around three cubic feet, but high efficiency washers, whether front or top loading, have a capacity of at least four cubic feet.

If you have a large family, four cubic feet of space means less loads overall, saving you time and money. However, if you are living alone or as a couple, you will probably not be able to take advantage of this feature. High efficiency Kenmore machines are not for everyone.

Similarly, some people might not be able to spend the six hundred to one thousand dollars on a washer. Much of the Kenmore appliance line is quite expensive, especially the newer models.

Top Loading Kenmore Washing Machines are Still a Classic Choice

If you still want quality but are on a budget, you should look at the top loading line of Kenmore washing appliances. You can get a standard model for as little as three hundred dollars. Even this standard model is still at least 25% more energy efficient than models that are five years old.

top load kenmore washing machine

Top load models are good if you have the space in your basement to put your washer and dryer side by side. Because you can't stack them, they are not good for smaller living spaces.

Top loading models have about a three cubic feet capacity and will easily handle the laundry of a small family. You'll have a lot of laundry loads for a larger family, though.

Kenmore top load washing machines can come with Energy Star ratings if you are willing to pay a little more. However, at that point, you would do better to get a front loader. The main reason to choose a top loader is its cheap price.

In Summary: Kenmore Washing Machines

Nearly all Kenmore customers have been happy with their purchase. They enjoy reduced utility bills as well as reduced laundry loads. They are happy knowing that their washing machine is backed by the same quality guarantee that all Kenmore appliances have. They also enjoy the variety of models that Kenmore produces each year. If you can't buy a new washer this year, just wait a year or two and you can rest assured that Kenmore will come out with even better innovations.

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Updated January 2011