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Hotpoint Washing Machines Review

The Hotpoint washing machines are currently very popular in the UK for their line of inexpensive and very affordable front loaders. What makes Hotpoint washer dryer stands out and perhaps out-perform its major competitors like Zanussi laundry appliances, is a budget price range without scarifying performance and energy efficiency ratings.

Hotpoint appliances range offers you a lot of flexibility in selection washing spin speeds, ranging from as low as 1000 RPM for minimum vibration to maximum 1600 RPM for the most economical and quickest washes.

Colour choice includes selections of Titanium White, Silver, Graphite and light Aluminium finish.

Hotpoint doesn't sell the largest load capacity washing machines you can find on the market today, but they do come in very extensive sizes, from as small as 5kg up to 9 kg of clothes per cycle. In that capacity, it will cater to most home family cleaning jobs, even when you need to wash king size duvets or bed sheets.

LED interface, which makes checking your washing progress easy and convenient, is present in all modern line up of Hotpoint washers.

Unlike some mechanical washing machines, where the only thing your see is an LED light blinking or not, Hotpoint LED panel gives you a detailed overview of what is happening to your clothes at any stage of the cleaning cycle, to help you check with precise control and make better adjustments. This feature is especially useful when you do in-house laundry testing tasks in a fashion design or textile company, like testing new fabric for shrinkage or dye colour resistance.

Overview of Hotpoint Washing Machine Range:

The Hotpoint range can be categorized into 4 major lines of washer and dryers:

Hotpoint First Edition

First Edition Hotpoint washing machines offer the bare basics you would need in a properly working laundry machine. Keep it simple and affordable is the mantra behind the Hotpoint First Edition washing machine, as you will only find the minimum essentials in these cheap models. The cost starts from as low as £200.

Hotpoint Ultima

Hotpoint Ultima washing machines are perhaps the best looking sleek and stylish Hotpoint appliances. The emphasis here is the top rated spin speed and energy efficiency ratings. Ultima features Super Silent Wash system with exclusive motor design that keep the noise level as low as 47 dB. It is also well integrated with interactive LED or LCD interface for optimized usability.

The highlight here is Ultima WF860P, WT761G and Hotpoint ULTIMA WMD962G front load washing machine.

Hotpoint Aquarius

If the Ultimas were all about look, Aquarius is on the opposite end of the spectrum, with concentration on packing the best technologies Hotpoint has to offer, such as:

  • Fast Wash cycles, Super Wash and Eco Cycles to save energy and water usage (example: 30 minutes at 30°C cycle for light synthetics).
  • Woolmark Gold and Platinum Care with gentle agitation to eliminate friction and damages to natural fibres of luxury wool garments, like Merino wool
  • Baby Cycle to tackle the hardest to remove food stains
  • Lingerie Cycle with soft and delicate touch to preserve the beauty of your lace of satin silk underwear
  • Shirt Cycle for minimum crease and wrinkles for effortless ironing

Notable in this Hotpoint Aquarius washing machine range are WML520P White, WMF760 and Hotpoint WF541P.

Hotpoint Aqualtis

This is a custom tailored line of Hotpoint washers based on feedback and request from actual customers. It's a very balanced mix of stylish Ergonomic Design and intelligent energy efficient washing technology. Tilted 10 degrees drum with large opening door gives you an easy view of what's loaded inside the machine prior washing.

Hotpoint Aqualtis washers do come in the brand's maximum load and spin speed for reduce clothes wrinkles. They have special Duvet Cycle that perform deep cleaning action to penetrate even the thickest of quilts, inner duvets, or padded sky jackets, saving you both money and hassles driving to local dryer cleaner stores.

Popular models in this line includes: Aqualtis AQGL129 (1200 RPM - 8kg); Aqualtis AQXGF149 (1400 RPM - 9kg); and Hotpoint Aqualtis AQXGD169 (1600 RPM - 9kg) - one of the most silent machines in the Hotpoint range.


Hovering an average price range of £300 - £500, the cheap Hotpoint washer dryer offers much more value for the money spent than you would get from other brands such as Servis, Slimline or AEG washing machines.

Over all, Hotpoint laundry appliance is one of the best washers in the UK in the budget price range of under £800.

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Updated January 2011