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GE Washers - Combination of Supreme Features

GE washers or General Electric washing machines are manufactured by one of the most successful American companies, General Electric. The company is reputed for its innovation and is a leader in this area.

Its product line consists of many home appliance equipments like microwave, laundry machines, dishwashers, modern fridge freezers, (customers give very favorable GE refrigerator reviews), room air conditioners, dryers, and etc.

For many years now, the company has been supplying premier appliances at affordable prices. Even though GE has a wide array of washers, they have similar features overall. Consumers have generally posted positive reviews for GE washing machine brand's durability and longevity,  which have won the company many faithful customers.

These washers come with a quiet motor and enhanced washing system that is gentle on your clothes. The GE washer machine offers a good value for the money.

They supply two types of models, top load and front loading which have various capacities to fit your requirements. These devices give high laundry performance combined with convenience as they are energy efficient and very economical to save water.

Broad Classification of GE Washing Machine Models

General Electric washing machines are broadly classified into three categories:

Front Load Washer
These machines offer gentle wash along with water saving. They utilize the technology of reverse tumble wash action. In this, clothes are lifted and then smoothly dropped back in the detergent solution. This helps in less wear and tear of the fabric. However, company recommends using a high efficiency detergent like HE for these machines.

High Efficiency Top Loading Washer
The conventional top loaders have an agitator to wash clothes. But this model consists of a wash plate at the bottom which uses a wash reversing technique. This technique helps the clothes to spin in a centrifuge. Centrifugal spin makes the concentrated detergent break up and mix easily in water, and allow the fabrics to get soaked in detergent well. Once again company recommends high efficiency detergent for this genre of GE washers.

Top Load Washers
GE also manufactures traditional topload washers which use agitator technology. However with the of 'HydroWave' wash system, quiet and smooth operation takes place, whereby the clothes are gently washed and with meticulous cleansing.

Power of General Electric Washing Machines

Front load GE washers have 4 Cu. Ft. washing capacity. At 1100 RPM, the machine removes almost 80% of the moisture. This helps in lessening drying time. Since some models come with Energy Star, over a long period of time, they actually pay for their price. Not only you get a great choice in colors, you get an extra storage space to put your detergents or fabric softeners.

High Efficiency top loading models have an integrated 'HydroWash' system, which is the company's trademark. The system allows gentle washing of a variety of fabrics ranging from heavy duvets to delicate lingerie, lace trims and accessories. It boasts of a 'Stain Inspector System' that can treat over 80 stains including ones from grease. It superior technology allows you to select the wash cycle once and then press 'start' once, as compared to going and breaking the wash cycle more than twice.

Top Models of GE Washers

ge WCVH6800JMS front load washer

GE WCVH6800JMS King Sized Frontload Washer
This machine is one of top selling models that is Energy Star qualified. Its 4 Cu Ft wash space makes room even for heavy items like comforters. The 'HydroHeater' system increases the temperature in order to kill bacteria and remove tough stains. 'HydroMotion' wash system also enhances the cleaning performance. With 1100 RPM spin speed it removes most of the water and minimizes drying time. There are 26 wash cycles to choose from. The best feature is its noiseless operation.

Most customers liked it because of the large loads it can take like bedding and towels. Other features appreciated were its adjustable settings, energy efficiency, excellent cleaning and fast cycle time. However, some owners found it to be noisy and shaky. And some found that its washing cycle was longer than Maytag or Kenmore cousins. According to a number of reviews, if the level was adjusted at the bottom, this GE washing machine turned out to be twice as quiet as their previous models from other brands.

ge WJRE5500G top load washer

GE WJRE5500G Topload Washer
is yet another model that is backed by many positive consumers' reviews. It is a 3.5 cu ft capacity washer that has a stainless steel basket, HydroWave wash system, 5 wash and spin speed combinations and 18 wash cycles. It comes with the traditional agitator system.

As reported by some consumers, this general electric washing machine is very quiet and cleans clothes in a short period of time as compared to other branded machines. Its only drawback is lack of Energy Star compliance. It takes longer to dry as the spin cycle is slow. However, at less than $500, this system offers good value for money.


Overall, GE washers are a great buy for customers that are looking at great performances over a long period of time, and also want to enjoy excellent cleaning results.

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Updated January 2011