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Front Load Washing Machines

The development of front load washing machines is an interesting subject. The first washing machine was patented in the United States in 1797 by Nathaniel Briggs. Unfortunately no one currently has knowledge of what his washing machine looked like due to a fire that occurred in the patent office. However, in Europe there had been a simple wringer washer invented as far back as 1691.

The first known front loading washing machines were simple rotating barrel designs. This was accomplished in 1782 by Henry Sidgier of Britain. It would not be until the earliest part of the twentieth century (roughly 1904) before the first electric washing machine would be seen openly available for sale.

Since that time washers have become incredibly complex devices in comparison. The technology in these home appliances has increased to the extent that some people jokingly believe that their washing machine would be better able to do their taxes than they are.

What to Look for When Buying a Front loader

front load washing machine

The front load washing machine has varying capacity dependent upon model and brand name. The best front loading washers are ones that still have their warranty available. This is not strictly necessary for used models bought at a discount, but if there is a choice between a model with at least a minimal warranty and a completely unwarranted then it is suggested to choose the warranted one.

Other important factors when deciding on a particular model to purchase will be overall appearance and the nature of its working parts. There are three very important questions to ask of either a new or used model:

  • Are there any spots of rust inside or around the tumble barrel? If the answer is yes then this means that any rust proofing the appliance once had might be worn away and it could lead to further damage or rust on the clothing. This question can be taken further to ask about dings, dents, and major scratches as well. The truth is that if a washing machine looks beaten and battered it will probably have trouble working at full capacity due to ill use.
  • Does the front door open and close easily, or too easily? If it sticks and is hard to open this can be an annoyance and a possible sign of hardware failure. If the door seems to open too easily the hinges may be worn out or other issues might have occurred. Either way the door is supposed to lock during use. If it does not close tightly this is a sign that it might not.
  • Is it energy star compliant? In general these types of front load washing machines use a great deal less water and power to run than the more complex top loading style. However, individual models that are energy star compliant save even further on both water and electrical power.
  • Other notable items of interest in regards to a washing machine are spin speed and load capacity. These are the most important actual features of a washer as a reasonable spin speed of between sixteen hundred and eighteen hundred RPMs is always favored. Larger capacity drums are good as well since they hold more clothing at a time.

What are the Best Front Loading Washing Machines on the Market?

Some of the best front load washers on the market will be found in the Whirlpool, High Efficiency Kenmore, Samsung, LG, Bosch and Miele line of laundry appliances. These brands have a long history in regards to the automatic washing machine and their warranties are the best in the market. These brands have become very popular for a reason over the years and that reason is quality of use and continued customer service.

Features: Pros and Cons

Pros: Front loaders are better designed to save money and natural resources in general. They use a great deal less water that a standard top loader.

Cons: The only real con for a front loading washer is that it can be annoying and sometimes painful for some individuals to bend over and retrieve their clothing. This can of course be assuaged by purchasing a taller standing model or one designed to rest atop another object, such as stackable washer dryer.

Price Range of Front Load Washers

The price tag on a quality front loader is hard to place. Dependent upon whether an individual goes for the super high-end model or the economy class these washing machines can vary greatly. They can be found for a little as a hundred dollars on sale and for as much as two thousand or more for the super high-class variety.

In truth, it all depends on the quality and brand name of the merchandise. Many good quality front load washing machines can be found for a few hundred dollars American, around three to four hundred, at almost any store that sells home appliances.

The typical reason an individuals will purchase a front loading washing machine is that they are often cheaper in price than their top-loading cousins as well as being more efficient and better capable of actually washing clothing.

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Updated January 2011