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Frigidaire Washing Machine Reviews

The Frigidaire washing machine is considered to be very reliable and easy to use brand amongst many washer machines in the market. The focus of Frigidaire is to add conveniences to daily life at affordable price.

Frigidaire Home Products Company is currently positioned at number 3 in America in manufacturing home appliances. Its line of electronics includes appliances from kitchenware, like freezers, dishwashers, stoves; to bathroom and other home improvement products, like air cons, washers and dryers; etc.

Frigidaire's History - How it Started?

The history of Frigidaire can be traced back to early 20th century, when the company was founded in 1916 by Alfred Mellows along with a few investors. The company introduced Frigidaire washing machine in late 1930s. In 1979, it was acquired by WCI, as its parent company, General Motors was bleeding of funds. In the hands of new administration, Frigidaire washers have come a far way and the brand now is a main competitor in this sector of laundry machines.

Best Features of Frigidaire Washer

frigidaire washing machine

  • Frigidaire produces highly effective washing machines as they are Energy Star rated.
  • Models have varied load capacity and they can accommodate both heavy as well as small loads.
  • They are integrated with advanced rinse technology which makes it possible to wash clothes without any detergent residual. This ensures that your clothes are whiter and have less allergens.
  • These washing machines contain self cleaning lint filter making it a convenient option.
  • Frigidaire washer has balance control system, by which the machines operate smoothly and are noiseless.
  • There are Express Select controls which help you in selecting wash cycles easily.
  • If you are in a hurry, then Quick cycle is a superb option as this will wash your clothes in 25 minutes.
  • One of the unique features these machines have is Save Your Settings. This feature of Firgidaire allows you to automatically save your last wash setting and store that information in the built-in digital memory of the washer.

Top Models of Frigidaire Washing Machines

Frigidaire GLTF2940 Front Load Washer

Frigidaire GLTF2940FS Front Load Washer
is a full size stackable washer which has a matching dryer combination. Complete with 14 wash cycles, this washer is energy efficient. It requires 120 volts to run. The spin cycle is so efficient that your clothes comes out just damp when you take them out.

It also automatically dispenses the right amount of detergent, bleach and softener at right intervals. At 3.5 Cu. Ft. it is a king size Frigidare machine. However some consumers warn that you must clean the rubber gasket after each wash or mold can be formed resulting in unpleasant odor.

Frigidaire FTF2140FS Front Load Washing Machine

Frigidaire FTF2140FS Front Load Washing Machine
It can wash two baskets in a single time and in less time compared to inferior budget washer machines. Frigidaire's advanced technology allows you to wash whiter clothes will reduced allergens. It has 3.5 cu ft capacity which is large enough for a two wash loads at a time and the same time being extremely energy efficient as it is Energy Star qualified.

Though Frigidaire FTF2140FS has 10 cycles, there is no integral heater. At 950 RPM, the clothes are spun in a manner that they are almost 80% dry. It's also equipped with auto bleach, detergent and a fabric softener dispenser. The stainless steel wash drum speaks of its durability.

Some customers have complained about its leveling problem and may become shaky if the load is not balanced. Even though this Frigidaire washer has limited features, it has good functionality in general.

Frigidaire FAFW3577KB Washer
This washing machine takes good care of your clothes. Again, the 3.5 cu ft washing drum capacity is good enough for an average family. As compared to other top loading models, this Frigidaire washer has more space to use due to the absence of agitator. The feature also helps in delicate handling of your expensive clothes. The control panel is well designed and the interface is user friendly.

Below is the video of one of 2006 Frigidaire models. For more information about this brand and other precautions, such as problems that might arise with Frigidaire machines, check out this Recalls of Clothes Frigidaire Washer Due to Fire Hazard article published by a government website in 2009, which reported problems with 35,000 units by a distributor in Cleveland, Ohio.


Frigidaire washing machine is a good value for the price, but as compared to other brands, this company doesn't have too many specific technologies integrated in its washers. Most of the features are common and so if you are really tired of other brands, you can try this one.

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Updated January 2011