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Compact Washer Dryer for Saving Space

Those who live in cabin homes, small apartments, RVs or even boat homes should seriously consider getting a compact washer and dryer. With today's busy lifestyle, taking your clothes to the Laundromat seems to be a time-waster which is why having a washing machine and clothes dryer at home is a must.

But what if you have very limited space? Instead of having two separate units which would take up space in your home, you can go for a portable washer and dryer combo.

Let's review the benefits that you can get to enjoy by opting for small washer and dryers; which models and brands to watch out for; and the factors that you need to consider when making your final buying decision.

The Difference Between a Compact and a Portable Washer and Dryer

When you go to an appliance store, there are a multitude of models, brands and types of washing machines that you can choose from. A compact washing machine has distinctive characteristics, as do portable counterparts.


Most compact laundry units come in various load capacities - ranging from the most minimal load up to the 3 cu. ft. range. To save on space, mini washers can be conveniently placed under a counter or even stacked. There are also a few models with larger capacities which can handle bigger loads - something which medium-size households living in small places can consider.

The size of a compact washer and dryer ranges from the widths of 21" to 27" and some models come with a pedestal drawer base which can be used as a storage or a unit to raise the machine for more convenient usage, considering the height of these compact models.

As compared to portable washer and dryers, a compact unit can also be portable in the sense that it can easily be transferred from one location to another, but this does not necessary mean they are easy to move around if you intend to do it frequently. And that is the major difference between the choice of portability and compatibility.

On the other hand, not all portable washers and dryers can be considered compact or small in size, because they are mainly designed to make the installation process easy and simple, normally with "plug and play" features that require not water pipe installation.

A Look at the Best Compact Washer Dryer Models Available in the Market Today

Just as it is when purchasing any type of home appliance or gadget, it will be a big help if you will browse through the online reviews. This way, you can easily make a comparison of the price and features of the different models of compact washers and dryers brands available in the market today. When making a selection, keep in mind your space requirements and the number of clothes that you usually load onto your washing machine.

One of the best brands of compact washer and dryers that is definitely worth checking out is the Avanti W797 Top Loading Washing Machine. This model can carry up to 12 lbs. of clothes, which is really convenient for a machine its size. It's a fully automatic washer which even has a fabric softener and bleach dispenser. The Avanti W&97 machine also has a convenient digital control display panel for multiple wash settings.

Other models that you can check out include the Maytag compact top load washer, the LG All-in-One Washer and Dryer Titanium and the Haier Washer/Dryer Combo with 11-lbs. capacity.

Conclusion About Choosing Mini Washer Dryer

All in all, choosing the best brand of portable washer and dryer is all a matter of making a comparison of different brands and models that suits you specific needs the most. Do you need something small or something easy to move around? If your answer is the latter, you might as well opt in for portable models instead of the compact ones.

Another thing to check is your household maintenance needs and the available space that you have. As long as you do your homework, you can select the best model, type and brand of compact washer and dryer that will help you keep your clothes looking clean and smelling fresh all the time, with considerable limited budget.

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