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Bosch Washing Machine Reviews

The Bosch washing machine is one of the most credible and up-to-date washing machine in the world of washers. The methodical segregation of Bosch washers in several categories helps buyers to choose the best options according to their budget.

The company started in 1886 when a German engineer, Robert Bosch opened his "workshop for precision mechanics and engineering". Its first US subsidiary opened in 1906 and ever since, company's quest for innovation has made it a worldwide leader in latest yet reasonably priced appliances.

Bosch Washer Machine's Strengths

The advance technology of Bosch washing machines gives your clothes finest treatment and a long life. Their system is so efficient that it eliminates stubborn stains, such as tea or food spills, from your clothes without even slightly damaging them.

As an endeavor to reduce electricity consumption, Bosch washers boast of Energy Star, which denotes that these washing machines are environment friendly and energy efficient as they have low running costs.

As an initiative for environment protection regulation, the company claims to have adopted the 3-S program.

Each Bosch washer is designed with Bosch's intelligent technology which ensures outstanding performance each time it is used. The models boast of supreme build quality at cost effective prices.

Micro chip technology is used in these machines, but there aren't any fancy functions which are difficult to comprehend. Additionally, they are quieter and more stable while spinning than most cheaper-end low cost models floating on the market.

Power of Bosch Washing Machine Features

The entire product line of Bosch washing machines consists of front loading models. However, there are two categories within these:

  • Bosch Full Size
  • Bosch Compact

Some models also feature Aquastop technology which aids in prevention of water leakage. They feature an intelligent set of sensors and the EcoAction function in them reduces the energy usage by almost 20%. Heavy loads like comforters and duvets can be washed with ease. The allergy rinse option helps in removing any amount of detergent left. Sensitive fabrics are equally well taken care of by Wool/Handwash cycles. These washing machines are NSF certified, which means that they are able to kill 99% of the household bacteria.

bosch axxis washer
Bosch Axxis Washer

The presence of 15 wash cycles gives the user an advantage over the rest of the brands. RPM ranges within 1100-1200 for all models and they have ActiveClean technology that enables better cleaning. Temperature control lets water heat up to 170F.

While the wash cycles gently wash the clothes, drain/spin cycle drains and spins the moisture out of them leaving them almost 80% dry.

Bosch washers have AVS anti vibration system. This feature ensures noiseless and smooth operation. Unlike a few other brands, these machines won't start walking while they spin!

They are all backed by a two year warranty, which speaks of how company is dedicated to service their clients once goods are delivered to them. And like many standard machines, they operate on regular 1350W/120V/15A current, so you won't have to worry about power outlet incapability.

Bosch models are usually found in white and silver but now you can find chrome too. Most of the models have dispensers for dispensing bleach, detergent and fabric softener.

Revolutionary Models of Bosch Washing Machines

bosch nexxt washing machine
Bosch Nexxt 800 Series

These machines can be broadly classified under Axxis and Nexxt ranges in the US market.

Nexxt range is the flagship model of USA. It consists of the most advanced range of 800 series which pride themselves on being the quietest machines in USA. Nexxt models also comprise of 100 series that is not so advanced. All the Nexxt models apart from 100 series, come with built-in water heaters which actually monitor the temperature of water inside.

Axxis laundry washers are very efficient and offer moderate fabric care. Their unique feature is space saving and easy installation, which makes it appropriate for urban apartments. It has a touch control technology and unlike many other branded washing machines, you don't have to rotate a knob. Apart from that it is practically silent at 54 dBA.


Overall the Bosch washing machine is a good buy for an upscale customer, who enjoys energy efficient products that have minimal effect on environment, and above all, won't sweat to pay a bit more to save the Earth planet for the better.

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Updated January 2011