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Finding The Best Washing Machines

Coming up with a list of best washing machines is never an easy task.

A perfectly good performing washer for one person might not be the best pick for the other.

In order to find the best washer that fits your needs it is important to know exactly what it is that you want your laundry machine to do.

Before going over the list of the bestsellers, top picks and best rated washing machines by consumers, here are some common characteristics you should be looking out for in a good clothes washer:

  1. Load Capacity: How big is your family? How often would you need to wash clothes? Twice a week? Once a week? If your family has more than 4 members, it is highly recommended to go after a washing machine with at least 4.0 cubic foot of capacity (an equivalent of about 8kg in washing load).
  2. Energy Efficiency: while this might not be a concern for a small portable washer, having large load machine will seriously raise you monthly water and electricity bill. So make sure the one you are planning to buy has high Energy Star rating (an indication of how much efficient the washing machine is at using water and electricity). In general, front load washing machines are more efficient than their top load counterparts.
  3. Special Washing Features: there are dozens of well established brand names for laundry clothes washers. Yet, each has its own strengths and weaknesses, as well as unique washing features. For example: Samsung series will provide you with some of the best cleaning technologies, like SilverCare technology, which as claimed, will ensure to remove 99 percent of odor-causing bacteria for about a month!
  4. Vibration & Noise: Direct Drive motor is the most commonly found technology in best washing machine models sold in the market today. Without the use of belt and pulley system, the number of moving parts are reduced to minimum and thus less vibration and tear occur.
  5. Automation: one of the best performing washing machines in market today has highly computerized software integrated into its system to optimize the laundry task and make it automatic. That means you no longer have to wait around the washer or dryer to adjust anything in between the washing cycle - an invaluable time saving feature that is very useful in this 21st's century busy lifestyle.
  6. Price Balance: now of course with every buying decision, money does have to be taken into account. There is common misconception amongst home owners that the more expensive a washing machine is, the better it will performance. In reality, you should weight out the pros and cons, as well as all five major points as mentioned above to compile your own best buy washing machine list that meets your budget level.
  7. Replacement Parts & Support: most people expect a fault free laundry device when looking for the best washing machine. If you are lucky, your washer might just turn out perfect and run smoothly through out its whole life cycle (usually for more than 10 years), but in most cases, even the best clothes washer can not avoid minor repairs from time to time. So make sure your chosen brand has reputation for satisfactory customer support and has available replacement parts even after they stop supplying a particular model of washing machine.

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Updated January 2011