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Best Beko Washing Machines Reviews

We did some search for Beko's brand popularity and it turned out some very interesting results. As illustrated on the global online search trend graph below, the demand for Beko washing machine has taken off by fire and storm since Summer of 2010.


While this maybe the direct result of aggressive brand exposure and marketing campaigns, it could also signal the quality and outstanding value Beko is delivering to its laundry appliances customers.

What Choices Does Beko Washer Has to offer?

Laundry capacity starts from 5kg and then increases in the incremental of 1kg each, up to maximum 8kg as seen on Beko WME8227 Excellence washing machine model.

Colour choices are: White, Silver and Black. We find it a bit restrictive because Beko doesn't offer more bright alternatives, like red or blue as some of the Kenmore washing machines do. Nonetheless, 3 choices above should cater well to most utility, bathroom or kitchen room décor. The Beko silver washing machine so far is the most popular choice for home owners.

Spin speed is something Beko has done a great job, by making all models working at minimum 1,000 RPM (rotations per minutes). Other alternatives are 1,200, 1,400 and 1,600 RPM - found on the WM6167 and WME7267 - 7Kg capacity model. Generally, the faster the spinning, the more energy efficient and the quitter the washing machine will be. In particular, the Beko mid range 1,400 RPM provides the best balance between price and cleaning performance.

On top of basic electronics, The special Electronic Xpress Beko washing machines offer super fast cleaning cycles, boasted to be the fastest front load washing machine to complete a 8kg laundry cycle at just 28 minutes under 30 degrees C, as advertised on Beko WMD78144 manufacturer's spec.

What Consumers Like, Dislike about Beko Front Loaders?

Most people who took time to review their Beko washers say that it is one of the few reliable cheap washing machines you can get in the UK.

Most owners reported it was a great bargain purchase, especially for those who just bought new houses and were short of money.

However, spare Beko washing machine parts are hard to find and buy locally. If something goes faulty or breaks, like drum paddle, Beko door interlock, carbon brush assembly, or rubber door seal, you might need to search for and order replacement parts online.

What is the Best Beko Washing Machine to Buy?


For a single person, or if there won’t be much of clothes to clean in an apartment, it is suggested to by Beko 5kg 1,000 RPM washing machines. They can be bought for less than £200 and will offer all the basic washing cycles and cleaning programmes. Jen from UK even commented that her Beko WM5100 White "does everything that it says on the tin". She really loved the quick wash 30 minutes cycle and extra handwash options. Perhaps the only disadvantage is that the 5kg drum is quite small for bigger washes and a bit hard to maneuver around.

For family of 4 or more people, Beko WME8227W washing machine is the best choice. It easily handles 8kg wash load - more than enough even if you plan to wash duvets, towels, throws, or regular children's and baby's clothing. Owners praise its quite and low noise operation, easy digital screen control, simple to understand washing programmes, and temperature and spin speed settings. So far, there have not been any negative feedback reported for this front load model.

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Updated January 2011